This website is the result of my master of arts thesis in Communication Design developed at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, in Germany, during the course of studies Gutenberg-Intermedia, between 2011 and 2012. Conceived as a student project, it has absolutely no commercial intention. It moreover has the potential to become a significant tool for typography education. The content here presented is the result of a long research, and is thought as an homage to typography text authors and graphic designers. I thank all those who have their work here shown, for understanding the purpose of this project and contributing to make it possible. Despite the care for accurate information, mistakes might have occurred, which can be corrected at any time. I will be happy to hear your comments.

Flávia Nalon


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Concept and Design
Flávia Nalon

Master Thesis

University of Applied
Sciences Mainz
Communication Design
Master Programme

Prof. Johannes Bergerhausen
Prof. Dr. Petra Eisele
Prof. Dr. Isabel Naegele
Prof. Philipp Pape
Prof. Bettina Tabel

André Felipe
Thomas Lempa

Font Family
LL Brown, by Aurèle Sack


Flávia Nalon


Verena Bruckmann, Ruth Preywisch, Jan Völker, Nicola Fischer, Ludger Maria Kochinke, Klaus Völker, Alyona Leonovich, Thomas Lempa, Annika Goepfrich, Dennis Praschak, Florian Jennet, André Felipe, Fábio Prata, Annette Stahmer, André Heers, Ralf de Jong, Lisa Moura, Anke Hartje, Martin Andereggen, Claudio Gasser, Jonas Wandeler, Julian Zimmermann, Dimitri Bruni, Manuel Krebs, Thibaud Tissot, Reto Ehrbar, Daniel Gross, Janine Stratmann, Alex Clay, Adriaan Mellegers, Marieke Stolk, Danny van den Dungen, Erwin Brinkers, Sam de Groot, Sebastian Bissinger, Laure Boer, Urs Lehni, Martin Stoecklin, Samuel Bänziger, Aurèle Sack, Johanna Siebein, Susana Carvalho, Kai Bernau, Jens Müller, Fons Hickmann, Ludovic Balland, Martin Scholz, and the professors who mentored the project.